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Terms and Conditions


1.  Professional Pet Care Services will apply personal judgement if a walk needs to be cut short or cancelled due to a dogs ill health or adverse weather conditions which could compromise the safety of your dog e.g: thunderstorms or excessive temperatures. In these cases Professional Pet Care Services will allow your dog outdoors for a toilet break and the remainder of the allocated time will be spent interacting with your dog indoors.

2.  Dogs will be walked in small, controlled groups up to a maximum of three compatible client dogs and one of my own sociable dogs, unless you have requested a one-to-one walk.

3.  Dogs must have a suitable collar or harness and wear ID tags with the owners details. Please advise if any specific training aids are used, eg: halti, muzzle etc. These must be in good working order and well fitting. Professional Pet Care Services is not responsible for damage incured by your dog escaping because of a faulty lead/collar or a collar that is not suitably fitting.

4.  If off lead walking is permitted, yo certify that to your understadning, your dog is trustworthy and has a good recall. You realise that there are risks involved with off lead walking and that you will not hold Professional Pet Care Services responsible in any way should any harm befall your dog.

5.  You accept full liability of any loss or damage caused by your dog whilst being walked. Professional Pet Care Services is not held accountable for any fees incurred or third party claims whilst your dog is in my care unless caused by negligence.

6.  Dogs must be up to date with vaccinations and it is recommended that they also have a Kennel Cough vaccine. Regualar use of flea and worming treatment is also advised.

7.  It is reccmmended that in-season dogs are walked on a one-to-one basis and kept on a lead. Professional Pet Care services cannot be held responsible if your dog becomes impregnated whilst in my care if a group or off lead walk is requested against my advise.

8.  If an illness or emergency arises whilst your dog is in my care, Professional Pet Care Services will use the vet that you are registered with, where possible. If treatment or surgery is reccomended, every effort will be made to contact you on the contact number stated on the consent form. If contact cannot be made, you agree to accept the decision of your Veterinary Surgeon.

9.  You agree that Professional Pet Care Services will authorise, on your behalf, any medical care that the animal needs. Any veterinary fees incurred for treatment or medication, whether sucessful or not, will remain your responsibility and will be settled by you.

10. You accept that Professional Pet Care Services will not be held liable for death or injury of any animal whilst in my care, unless caused by negligence.

11. A minimum of 24hours notice is required for cancellation, except in the case of emergency illness. If less than 24hours notice is given, 50% of the cost will be charged.

12. You understand that this form acts as permission for Professional Pet Care Services to hold keys to your property, which you have provided willingly. You understand that your keys will be used only for the agreed purposes, will not be copied, and will be immediately returned upon request.

13. You agree that photos of your pet may be used for promotional purposes by Professional Pet Care Services. Your pets name may be used but your surname and personal identity will be protected.

14. This agreement is valid for all future pet care provided, until a new agreement is signed.


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