Dog Walking


Professional Pet Care Services offers one to two social dog walks per day catering for small, suitably matched groups. Walks are available for either 45mins or 1hour. Collection times are between 11am and 2pm. 

All walks are as mentally and physically stimulating as possible. Toys such as frizbee and balls are provided to doggys who wish to play a good game of fetch. Basic, positive, lead and recall training are also encouraged throughout the duration of the walk.

 Professional Pet Care Services operates with full dog walkers' insurance.

Walking slots currently fully booked (April 2019)


For details on our vans facilities please see transportation services below. Please be aware that at no time will your pet be left in the vehicle unattended. Your dogs safety and security are our priority.


Daycare (SODC Licence Number 20439)

Avoid that feeling of guilt when you head out the door in the morning to go to work. Feel content in the knowledge that your doggy is about to have a fun filled, enriching day of their own.

Professional Pet Care Services daycare is situated in a pre 1800's, spacious, farm house with 1/2 acre of fully enclosed garden/compound.

A structured socialisation programme will see your dog carefully, and gradually introduced to a wide variety of poultry and livestock as well as other, equally sociable, canine companions. This can be especially beneficial to young dogs and puppies and should help with your training and life skills. Country walks will be much more relaxing and safer if your dog has grown up with our daycare service as part of their routine.

Daycare begins with your dog being collected from your home between 8am-9am, and ends with them being dropped home to you, happy and content, 4.30pm-5.30pm.

The structure of the daycare day is carefully planned out to cater for each dogs individual needs. A carefully balenced mixture of exercise, play, mental enrichment and rest will be tailered to your dogs requirements.

A maximum of 5 daycare dogs are booked for any one day. Weekends occassionally available with sufficent notice.


Evidence of vaccinations/titre tests must be provided yearly. Homeopathic vaccinations cannot be accepted under the terms of our trading licence.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Email is the best form of contact.

Currently Availability for two, well mannered, social doggies to join us for regular daycare. (April 2019)



Overnight Boarding (SODC Licence Number 20439)


Looking forward to a holiday away but concerned about leaving your beloved dog behind? Is your dog very accustomed to his/her home comforts? Well worry no more, Professional Pet Care Services now offers home-from-home boarding. As you can imagine, we are very dog friendly household. All guest dogs are allowed to roam the house as they wish. Whether they choose to sleep on sofas (With owners permission), infront of the Aga or stretched out by the woodburner, we are not fussed. Each room of the house has stair gates inplace just incase your dog enjoys occassional peaceful times away from other dogs. Large dog crates available for any dogs who prefer the security that comes with being put to bed in a crate at night.

Visiting dogs daily/nightly routines are individualy taylored to ensure that they feel as at home as possible. 

Please note that Raw feeding is only available for shorter stays (due to freezer space) and a £2.50/night surcharge applies).

Evidence of vaccinations/titre tests must be provided before each booked stay. Homeopathic vaccinations cannot be accepted under the terms of our trading licence.

Currently fully booked for latter part of April, June, July and all of August and Christmas. (April 2019)


Holiday Feeding

Even the best catteries are no match for the safety and security offered by your own home. Cats can become easily stressed by the presense or scent of other cats. This combined with the new surroundings can lead to stress induced medical problems such as idiopathic cystitis.

Professional Pet Care Services can help your cat to continue with as much of his/her normal routine as possible whilst you're away. Have a look at our price list for more details on the length of visits on offer.

If you decide to book us for holiday feeding we will ask you to fill out a basic form detailing your cats needs, likes and dislikes so that we can continue with any grooming or play routines you and your cat may have.

Currently fully booked for June (April 2019)


Pet Healthcare Visit

Does your pet get stressed going the vets for a simple nail trim? If so, why not request that Professional Pet Care Services comes to your house to do it. Basic veterinary nurse procedures such as nail clipping, ear and eye cleaning and anal gland cleansing can be carried out in the relaxing environment of your own home. All required products will be provided at no extra cost. We only use professional grade products such as Dechras' ear cleaning range to ensure that your pet gets the best results from our Healthcare Visits.

As a qualified Veterinary Nurse, Sarah is happy to liaise with your Veterinary Surgeon to carry out any medication/treatment regimens required which you may not feel comfortable doing yourself.

Please note that Healthcare visits are currently only available early evenings and weekends.


Pet Transportation Services


Our transportation van has been fitted with custom made Lintran kennels and has an electric roof fan for temperature control. All kennels are cleaned with veterinary grade disinfect after each use and Adaptil dog appeasing pheromones applied to the kennel areas daily (if cats are to be transported this will be exchanged for Feliway pheromone).

The transportation service is available to current clients whos pets require taking to the vets or special events (eg: Weddings). Many taxi firms do not have the correct facilities for safely transporting dogs and cats.

Professional Pet Care Services are sometimes able to offer Out of Hours transportation to get your beloved pet to the vets in an emergency. In these cases please use the telephone number provided, it is not recommended to use email as form of contact in an emergency. Please be advised that full cash payment will be required at the time of transportation. Passengers are not able to be transported with their pets due to legalities/Insurances.


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